2012 Update
5/30/2015 2:20:08 PM - 2012 has started off for me full steam ahead.  The most exciting news I would like to first share is that I will be making a recording for Gonzalo Rubalcaba's new record label 5 Passion, which is inspiring me to take my music to a new level.  I've been a big fan of Gonzalo and his music and was happy to do several performances with him in the past, and happy that this led to an opportunity to do something with his label.  More as this develops. 

Along with this, I'm scheduled to do a new recording for Criss Cross which will feature Chris Potter, Eric Harland and Scott Colley, which I'm also really excited about.  The two recordings are going to be completely different, but at the same time they will compliment each other, like I did previously with "Out of the Circle" (for Sunnyside) and "Prints" (for Criss Cross).  In addition to all of this, I'll be doing a live recording at and for Small's on June 25 & 26 featuring Nate Smith, Seamus Blake, Boris Kozlov and Dave Kikoski.  The music for this recording will represent a digest of my music up until now.  You can either come to the actual live performance, or check the live stream via internet through Small's website as it happens. 

As I've mentioned previously, I am also a co-leader of a new group we started in 2011 and also recorded for Criss Cross called Opus 5.  This band is comprised from our close ties as friends as well as our involvement with the Mingus groups, featuring Seamus Blake, Donald Edwards, Boris Kozlov and Dave Kikoski.  Our record was released May 2011 and has created a buzz with colorful reviews from "critics," and as a result we are going for a second recording.  We'll be heading to the studio on April 6, release date TBA.  We'll be taking the band on the road in August in Europe, dates and venues TBA (check out my schedule). 

I am constantly on the road in various countries under various units, including my own.  In April (14-28), I'll be touring Europe with my quartet featuring Misha Tsiganov, Boris Kozlov and Donald Edwards and appearing in various festivals.  My Asian portion of this year will start the end of May in Taiwan and going on to China in June, as well as performances with my wife Monday Michiru's band in Japan at the Blue Note as well as the Billboard clubs to help support her new project Soulception for NY label Adventure Music which I'm also a part of.  In the beginning of September, the Mingus Band will be traveling to Taiwan, Korea and Japan (for a week at the Blue Note in Tokyo).  There are various recording projects coming up as well as a side man in NY and Europe, and one of the highlights is with Vincent Herring's Quintet which will be performing at Smoke on July 6 & 7 followed by a recording.  My dates are constantly updated throughout the year so please check regularly. 

I am still a faculty member of the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen, Holland (5 years now), which takes me to the school teaching 4 times a year, a week at a time as part of their unique program directed by Joris Teepe "NY Comes to Groningen" with 8 teachers from NY who regularly rotate their weeks (Robin Eubanks-trombone, JD Walter-vocal, Joris Teepe-bass, Gene Jackson-drums, Freddie Bryant-guitar, Don Braden-saxophone, Dave Berkman-piano, and myself -- all heavy duty musicians which I'm happy to be a part of).  This program is great in that they not only study from the regular teaching staff, who are also great, but get to study with high level musicians who are regularly touring and can share their knowledge and experiences. 

Last year, Eric Siereveld released a book through Charles Colin Publications in NY entitled "A Modern Approach to Improvisation - The Improvisational Style of Alex Sipiagin" which is comprised of improvisations transcribed of my various solos with analyses.  Please check this out. 

In closing, I'm enjoying to give private lessons and clinics wherever I go as well as via Skype.  I'm very happy to have a lot of great students around the world.  Feel free to contact me. 

Have a great 2012.

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