6/29/2015 11:27:03 PM - 2011 has been a good start for me artistically.  Just recently I finished two projects for Criss Cross.  One is my solo project entitled "Destinations Unknown" featuring Chris Potter, Dave Binney, Eric Harland, Craig Taborn and Boris Kozlov which will see its release in May.  The other is a co-leader project amongst 5 of us:  Seamus Blake, Dave Kikoski, Boris Kozlov and Donald Edwards, with our unit named "Opus V," album entitled "Introducing Opus V" which will be coming out in September.  This band has seen a strong start with performances in local NY clubs and a festival, with more on the horizon.  "Destinations Unknown" I feel is one of my strongest albums to date, the material for which I wrote during 2010 while traveling under various circumstances, while the Opus V project idea came about when Seamus and I were sitting at Chicago O'Hara airport during one of the Mingus Dynasty trips and began to brainstorm.

Aside from these projects, I continue as a sideman for various projects and tours, including Dave Holland Octet, the various Mingus groups, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Bob Shepherd (the quintet album which was just released), my wife Monday Michiru (with tours to Blue Note and Billboard in Japan), some great European musicians such as Paolo Reccia, Jurgen Hagenlocher, Andre Charlier and Benoit Sourisse, Yakov Okun, Riccardo Fassi, and others.  I continue my spot as a revolving permanent guest for the NY comes to Groningen teaching series. 

This month, March 25 & 26, I will be performing as the guest soloist for the New York Youth Symphony as we explore music by Thad Jones as well as playing my big band arrangement of my originals.  Also, this December I will be the guest soloist for the Brussels Jazz Orchestra.  For further information on dates and tours, please see my events page.
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This package IS designed for those who are interested in my pre-existing compositions, as well as allowing a bird's eye view of the new compositions as they form and progress for "Out of the Circle."

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