Alex Sipiagin News January 2010
5/28/2015 9:48:10 AM - 2009 was a very intense year for me as usual, but on another level.  

My last solo album came out on Criss Cross entitled "Mirages" featuring Mulgrew Miller, Boris Kozlov, Seamus Blake and Johnathan Blake, and I am current preparing to record yet another album for Criss Cross which will come out in April 2010.  Gerry Teekins, Criss Cross label head, had asked me for many years now to make a project dedicated to Woody Shaw, and I feel now is an appropriate time.  What's kept me from doing this project in the past was that there have been many of these type of dedication albums and I wanted to find my own angle, not just to play Woody's tunes with a killer rhythm section -- you know what I mean...So hopefully it's going to work out.  We're recording in a quartet format with Adam Rogers, Antonio Sanchez and Boris Kozlov, with some covers of Woody's tunes as well as some of my own originals dedicated especially to this project.  

Shortly afterwards, I have a tour coming up in Italy, as well as in Germany in the following months as a guest feature -- please check my event's calender for upcoming gigs which I update on a frequent basis.  

Last year, one of my highlights was performing with Dave Holland's Big Band, Octet and Sextet, and doing a live recording with the Octet which should be released some time this year.  It includes one of my own tunes written and arranged by myself, "Wind Dance."  The band features Chris Potter, Antonio Hart, Robin Eubanks, Gary Schmulyan, Nate Smith and Steve Nelson, and of course Dave Holland.  I am continuing to perform with Dave in different group settings; there are more big band gigs coming up as well as with his Quintet at the Portland Jazz Festival on February 27.  

I also continue to perform with Mingus Dynasty/Big Band.  Last year, there were quite a few extended tours with the Dynasty, which is the small band, and I believe this year there is stuff coming up as well -- check the schedule.

Another highlight for me last year was the performance with the Gonzalo Rubalcaba Quintet at the San Francisco Jazz Festival.  It was a completely different musical angle for me, and it took a lot to get it together.  It was a great experience that had a great impact on me.  

With everything else, I continue my Russian projects, which I am developing specifically for Russia with some of the best musicians Russia has to offer:  Yakov Okun, Sasha Mashin, and Makar Novikov.  As Russia is still its own territory, I can travel and perform with this project there; but my dream is to be able to bring this project to the U.S. and/or Europe in the future as these musician deserve to be heard.  Continuing in Russia, I have some projects lined up in March and September which I'm still firming up, which I'll keep posted on my events/schedule page.  

I am also continuing as a featured guest in the Jurgen Hagenlocher Quartet, who is based in Freiburg, Germany.  Last year, his record came out entitled "Confusion" which is a very interesting project.  This year we have a couple tours coming up in March and April; check out the schedule for dates.  

I recently went to Taiwan with the Vanguard Orchestra, which I sub for on an occasional basis.  It was an excellent experience to play Thad Jones' music and hear all these amazing arrangements.  On the same note, this year coming up, I will be sitting in with the Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra featuring Lew Tabackin and touring China in October.  And lastly, I am proud to be a part of my wife's music (Monday Michiru), which is not jazz; for the last 10 years, I have been helping my wife shaping her music with various arrangements, as well as being a part of her band.  Through the years, I have been recording for her as well as traveling with her band, mostly Japan, which also include amazing musicians, American and Japanese.  Most recently, in December, we performed for our 10th anniversary a concert at the Philharmonic Hall of my home town, Yaroslavl, Russia, with the Russian musicians mentioned above.  We're set to do some dates at the end of May and early June; you can check her website for more information:  

More and more, I am enjoying teaching masterclasses and clinics all over the world.  One of my steady teaching positions is as a guest teacher for the Prinse Claus Conservatory in Gronengen, Holland, which was passed on to me from Brian Lynch 3 years ago.  It's one of the greatest programs in Europe, I would say, called New York Comes to Gronengen, directed by bassist Joris Teepe.  The whole idea is to not just to bring teacher to the school, but today's active jazz musicians who are experiencing the road to come and teach.  There are 7 of us:  Ralph Peterson, Don Braden, Dina DeRose, Mark Gross, Joris Teepe, David Berkman and myself, and we go for a week at a time on a rotational basis, sharing our experiences and knowledge.  

Lastly I'm playing a gig in my local neighborhood where I currently live, in the North Fork of Long Island as part of their annual Long Island Winterfest.  February 21st at the Roanoke Vineyards from 3-5 with a killing quartet:  Adam Rogers, Nate Smith and Boris Kozlov.  Come and check it out, it's free with lots of wine (but the wine's not free!). 
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Alex Sipiagin News January 2010
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