liner notes
The title Mirrors came to me naturally as I was conceptualizing my third album for Criss Cross. At this point in my life, I was experiencing amazement over fatherhood and in watching my infact son, I had the sensation of looking into a mirror. Most of the songs on this record were written under this impression.

In both the musical and mental sense, I feel almost all the songs have a reflection in harmony and in the phrase. For example, when I would think of a melody, I sort of wanted to create an echo of the phrase, as in the song "Travel" which has many elements of this, and of course the song "Mirror." In the latter, I was trying to create an acoustic effect similar to that of a record being played backwards, as though looking into a mirror and seeing the reflection backwards.

As in my previous albums, I have chosen to cover another of my favorite Charles Mingus compositions, this time "Tijuana Gift Shop." We play this often in the Mingus Big Band and I feel the song so deeply inside me that I felt I could afford to do my own version.

Once again, most of this music was written while I was traveling, which I feel is my most productive time. Amongst these travels I was with the Dave Holland Big Band and many of the songs are laced with inspiration from his music.

I dedicate this album to my wife.

Alex Sipiagin
Def 1 (from "Mirrors")Listen!
Tijuana Gift Shop (from "Mirrors")Listen!
Travel (from "Mirrors")Listen!
Crossing (from "Mirrors")Listen!
Mirror (from "Mirrors)Listen!
Def 2 (from "Mirrors")Listen!
Mood One (from "Mirrors")Listen!

Alex Sipiagin (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Seamus Blake (tenor sax)
Adam Rogers (guitar)
David Kikoski (piano)
Boris Kozlov (bass)
Jonathan Blake (drums)
Donny McCaslin (tenor & soprano sax - tracks 2 & 3)
Josh Roseman (trombone - track 3)

Produced by Gerry Teekens
Executive Producer: K. Hasselpflug
Recording Engineer: Max Bolleman
Recorded: June 2, 2002

Photography: Gildas Bocle
Cover Design: Gerry Teekens & H. Bloemendaal